AL-KO Battery Garden Tool Ranges

The Cordless Revolution

AL-KO's battery-powered gardening tools bring you one step closer to the future. Work on the move, without being tied to a cable, completely emission-free and extremely quiet. The battery fits all gardening tools in a battery family, so you can easily switch between the different gardening tools. Now gardening becomes even more efficient!

Our Battery Families

Whether mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge, sawing trees or blowing leaves: our wide range of battery gardening tools offers the right tool for every garden owner.

The AL-KO 18 V Family

| 18 V
| 2.5 Ah, 4 Ah, 8 Ah or 6 Ah Batteries
Light & Practical
| Great Value
One Battery - Many Garden Tools

Provide yourself with comfort at work, unrestricted by cables, and give the environment, yourself and your neighbors a rest. AL-KO 18 V batteries are compatible with the Bosch Home and Garden system, so they will add energy to various home appliances, and you can also use it in the entire series of our 18 V garden devices. Easy, efficient and space-saving.

Discover the incredible engineering quality of garden technology, designed in Germany, manufactured in Austria and benefit from the versatile power of a battery that is compatible with many other gardening devices.

The AL-KO 36 V Family

| 40 V

| 4 Ah, 5 Ah or 8 Ah batteries
| Powerful & Light
| Dynamic & Robust
One Battery - Many Garden Tools

Innovative, environmentally friendly and clean - that's the 36 V battery family, with which all common gardening work is effortless and cable-less. The trick: the powerful lithium-ion battery fits into all AL-KO 36 V devices so that it can be changed and re-used in no time.

At the heart of the AL-KO 36 V family are the 40V max / 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah and 8.0 Ah Li-ion battery packs. In addition to their appealing design, they also impress with their grippy feel and low charging times of only 1.5 hours (4 Ah) or 2 hours (5 Ah); The battery charge level can be easily read via the integrated LED display.

If the battery is fully charged, it can work for up to 120 minutes depending on the device. In addition to three lawn mowers, there are also numerous hand tools available - from the trimmer and leaf blower to hedge trimmers and chain saw and the versatile multi-tool.

The multi-tool can be made suitable for almost every gardening thanks to the various attachments. No matter whether on the ground or high up - with the brushcutter, grass trimmer, hedge trimmer or pruner attachment, all tasks are done quietly, without emissions and annoying cables.


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