Easy Flex Cordless Garden Tools

Battery gardening tools | AL-KO Easy Flex battery in use

Ideal for beginners: AL-KO Easy Flex cordless garden tools

Light and practical: the new great value AL-KO Easy Flex battery family. Many gardening tools that have one thing in common: they all use the 2.5Ah / 20V max Easy Flex battery which weighs just 350g. The AL-KO Easy Flex cordless family of garden tools includes a leaf blower, a long reach and hand held hedge trimmer, a grass trimmer, a pruner, weed sweeper and plant sprayer. In addition, the AL-KO Easy Flex battery can also be used to provide the power for a lawnmower as well as a DAB radio, an LED light and a handsaw.

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Battery gardening tools | AL-KO Easy Flex battery in use

Feather-light energy for more than a dozen devices

The AL-KO Easy Flex family is growing and already offers more than a dozen devices that can be operated with one and the same battery: Lawn mower, hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, pole saw, long reach hedge trimmer, leaf blower, plant sprayer, grout brush and much more. Battery-powered tools that have one thing in common: Thanks to the lightweight AL-KO Easy Flex battery, gardening is easy.

Light, quiet and clean: This is the AL-KO Easy Flex family of batteries, with which you can carry out all common gardening tasks without cables and effortlessly - and with a high action radius. The trick: In no time at all, the battery is changed and you can continue working with a different tool.

Our Tip: Buy a lawnmower including two batteries and a double charger and purchase the other AL-KO Easy Flex battery-powered devices at a reasonable price without an additional battery.

Perfectly equipped

By opting for the AL-KO Easy Flex family, you are perfectly equipped for the small to medium-sized garden.

All AL-KO Easy Flex batteries are Lithium-Ion batteries with a long life, without memory effect. The 20 V AL-KO Easy Flex Li-Ion battery is available either with 2.5 Ah at a weight of only 350 g or as a large 5 Ah battery with a light 650 g. In addition to its low weight, it also impresses with its short charging time of only 50 minutes. When the battery is full, depending on the device, you can work for up to 480 minutes.

We offer a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all batteries.

Accu gardening tools | AL-KO Easy Flex for small to medium-sized gardens


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