Battery gardening tools | AL-KO Energy Flex battery in use
Dynamic and robust: cordless garden tools of the AL-KO Energy Flex family

With five lawn mowers and many handheld devices, the AL-KO Energy Flex family of batteries offers everything for your garden. The AL-KO Energy Flex cordless gardening tool range includes five lawn mowers, a leaf blower, a leaf blower/ vacuum, a scarifier, a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, a grass trimmer and a multitool with 4 different attachments.
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Battery gardening tools | AL-KO Energy Flex battery in use

Full power for the whole garden

Power packs for every application

The great variety of the AL-KO Energy Flex battery family is the perfect support for ambitious hobby gardeners looking for a wide range of equipment in the battery segment.

With five mowers, a grass trimmer, a scarifier, numerous hand tools and a multitool with 4 different attachments, the AL-KO Energy Flex battery family has everything you need for your garden.

Your benefit: All AL-KO Energy Flex devices can be operated with the same battery.

Our tip:The battery is already included with the lawnmowers. You can then purchase the other AL-KO Energy Flex tools at a reasonable price without the need for an additional battery.

Ready for anything

The AL-KO Energy Flex family is perfect for all garden lovers with medium to large gardens.

The heart of the AL-KO Energy Flex family is the powerful 40V lithium-ion battery. The 4.0Ah AL-KO Energy Flex battery has a capacity of 144 Wh, ensuring cable-free and effortless gardening pleasure and working times of up to 120 minutes. With the larger 5.0 Ah battery with 180 Wh output, you can even manage up to 140 minutes, depending on the device.

We give a 2-year manufacturer's warranty on all batteries.

Everything under control

By simply pressing a button, the current charge state of the battery can be read. It can be quickly recharged at any time, charging takes only about one and a half hours.


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