Blow away or suck up leaves and plant debris

Our leaf vacuums offer two different options to remove leaves from around your garden: Leaf collection with shredding function and leaf blowing. The motors / engine of our leaf vacs are real powerhouses, both in the petrol, 18V and 36V battery versions. In no time at all, they will collect leaves and light plant trimmings from your driveway, pavement and lawn. Afterwards, all you have to do is dispose of the leftovers in the compost heap or in the garden waste bin. The large collection bags have a zip fastener making them easy to empty.

Leaf vacuums are especially useful in autumn and in large gardens where you will appreciate the AL-KO leaf vacuums as a must-have gardening device. Alternatively available are dedicated leaf blowers which are perfect for simply blowing the leaves or debris off your lawns and pathways to other areas of the garden or into a pile where they can be manually collected.

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AL-KO leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers Advantages | Battery families

Power for every need

The heart of the AL-KO 36 V family is the powerful lithium-ion battery, which fits all devices. The mowers come with a battery and charger, the hand tools are supplied without. With trimmer, hedge trimmer and leaf blower, the AL-KO 36 V family offers even more garden tools that can be operated with the same battery.

AL-KO leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers Advantages | Handy broom replacement

Easier than using a broom

The handy leaf blower from the AL-KO 36 V family keeps order in the yard and garden. The air flow, which can reach speeds of up to 250 km/h, can be conveniently controlled using a rotary wheel, and the two attachments supplied also offer the option of choosing between a punctual and a two-dimensional mode of operation. The latter can also be easily removed for easy storage.

AL-KO leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers Advantages | 2 in 1 function

2-in-1 function

When the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners must be handy. The cordless leaf blower AL-KO 36 V LBV 4090 combine the advantages of both devices in one.

AL-KO leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers | Overview


When the leaves fall from the trees in autumn, leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners must be handy.

| solo® by AL-KO 750 P
The powerful 750 P leaf vacuum cleaner with 75 cm working width and a powerful 2.0 kW motor from Briggs & Stratton vacuums and vacuums and vacuums - even if the leaves on green areas and paths are wet or damp.

Battery leaf blower AL-KO 36 V LB 4060
The cordless leaf blower AL-KO 36 V LB 4060 is part of the AL-KO 36 V family and with its cordless motor and light weight is ideal for use at home.

AL-KO leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers | Overview
Tips & Tricks

Autumn has already arrived. You can see it by the changing colours of the trees and colourful woods and you can hear it in the rustling of the leaves when you walk. Little by little the leaves fall off and cover the ground, even in the garden. But the leaves can be recycled.

| Lawn damage
Even if the leaves colour the autumn garden - they should not be left on the lawn. It is particularly important to remove the layer of leaves from freshly sown lawns, as rotting leaves can damage the young and therefore sensitive sward. But even a well-established lawn can turn yellow under the layer.

| Easy removal
If the leaves are only lying on the lawn sporadically at the beginning, they can be collected with a lawnmower. However, if the layer of leaves becomes thicker, this becomes tedious, as the catcher bag is quickly full. A vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower will help.

| Leaf vacuum cleaner with shredding function
The advantage of a leaf vacuum cleaner is that it collects the leaves and shreds them immediately. In this way the volume of the leaves is reduced. It can also be used as a mulch layer (lawn mulching) for flower beds. It not only provides frost protection for the roots of hedges, perennials and roses, but also provides important nutrients. The foliage also provides protection and food for the small animals in the garden, such as earthworms. The AL-KO leaf vacuums have a practical collection bag in which the sucked-up material is collected. With the help of the bag, the shredded leaves can be directly distributed again.

If you have a lot of leaves in your garden and all the beds are already covered with a layer of mulch, simply collect it in a bin or similar container. Keep the foliage in it well moist and keep pressing the leaves firmly together so that they take up less space. After some time the contents will have decomposed and can also be used as mulch. However, it can also be buried in the soil and mixed with it, as it gives the soil important nutrients and thus helps to improve the quality of the soil.

Another way to use the leaves is to integrate them into the compost: collect the dry leaves in sacks and gradually mix them into the compost. Alternate layers of kitchen waste, lawn cuttings and leaves are ideal. In this way, you can achieve an optimum ratio of nitrogen and carbon in the rotting mass. If you want to collect the fallen leaves for the compost in containers, you can also use the leaf blower's blowing function to collect the leaves in one place.

| Caution with leaf diseases
Watch out for signs of diseases such as such as black spot disease. The causes of these diseases are very hardy, so they will break out again in the spring. Especially in leaf compost, they sometimes persist for several years. You should bury affected leaves deep into the ground or put them in the middle of the compost heap where the spores are killed by the heat. 

Leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers in different versions 

Even in wind and weather, it can be very tedious to keep the house and garden clean - Especially for large properties. Therefore, we recommend our hand held leaf blow/vac, which will not only help you with the gardening work, but will also be fun to do.

So, in addition to the typical portable leaf vacuum cleaners and leaf blowers, there are also mobile ones, such as the solo® by AL-KO 750 P. This leaf vacuum cleaner achieves 2.0 kW with its Briggs & Stratton engine. With its ball-bearing wheels, you can use it even on large, rough or steep surfaces with great comfort. The motor of our vacuum cleaners is a power pack and guarantees an extremely powerful suction power. In a short time you can remove leaves and other plant parts from your property. The integrated shredder turbine immediately shreds the garden waste sucked in.


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