Shrewd ergonomics for accurate hedge trimming

AL-KO hedge trimmers make working on your hedges is much easier. They offer sleek and functional ergonomics that provide comfort and confidence when working with the hedge trimmer. The integrated spirit level helps you to cut your hedge straight and evenly. In addition, the safety cable on the electric hedge trimmers ensures maximum safety at work. The diamond-ground, sharp safety blades enable great cutting capacity which leads to excellent cutting results.

As hedge trimming often involves working overhead, we have designed the rear handles of our hedge trimmers to be ideal for this situation: They are variably adjustable and, in combination with the sophisticated ergonomics of the machine, make working easier than with a conventional hedge trimmer. For maintaining extra tall hedges, we also offer a range of battery powered long reach hedge trimmers making maintaining the tallest of hedges around your property a safe and comfortable task.

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AL-KO hedge trimmer advantages | Diamond ground blade and impact protection

Perfect cut and protection

The permanently sharp, diamond-ground blades guarantee a clean cut. The stop guard protects the blade when cutting near the ground and walls, the cover also serves as a wall holder.

AL-KO hedge trimmer advantages | Safety cable

Highest safety

The unique AL-KO Safety cable effectively prevents the electrical cable from being cut - for greater safety when cutting hedges (not with HT 440).

AL-KO Hedge trimmer advantages | Integrated spirit level

All perpendicular

The integrated spirit level supports a straight and horizontal hedge cut. Unevenness in the cutting pattern can thus be avoided.

AL-KO hedge trimmers advantages | cutting functions

Cut in form and function

Whether shape-cutting or trimming - the diamond-ground and sharp blades of the EnergyFlex hedge trimmer always guarantee a clean cut. The ergonomic controls and balanced weight distribution also allow fatigue-free working in any position, even on high hedges. Practical: The protective cover also serves as a wall bracket.

AL-KO hedge trimmers advantages | relaxed working

Relaxed working

Ergonomically shaped controls and a perfectly balanced weight enable fatigue-free working. You can relax wirelessly with the battery models or in combination with the battery belt and adapter.

AL-KO hedge trimmers advantages | Best quality

Best quality

The high-quality plastic housing is particularly stable and robust, which guarantees a long life for the hedge trimmer.

AL-KO Hedge shears | Product lines
Product Line

We offer you four model ranges of hedge and shrub cutters: from small multi-cutters for fine trimming to classic hedge trimmers for landscape maintenance. Our hedge trimmers have one thing in common: powerful motors, sharp blades and maximum safety and ergonomics.

I 3-way adjustable handle
I Optimally balanced weight
Comfortable handle
Integrated stop and impact protection
I Anti-vibration system for fatigue-free working

Electric hedge trimmer
The classic electric hedge shears are available with three equipment features as Basic, Safety and Flexible Cut. What they all have in common is their low weight, the diamond-cut counter-rotating safety blades and their good balance.

Battery hedge trimmer
The lightweight hedge trimmer from the AL-KO 36 V family provides optimal cutting with its diamond-ground blades and ingenious ergonomics.

One powerful battery - many garden tools: In addition to the battery hedge trimmer from the AL-KO 18 V and Energy Flex ranges, you can also use the same battery to operate a leaf blower, chain saw, lawnmower, grass trimmer and our multitool.
Our two-year manufacturer's warranty also includes the battery of these tools. 

AL-KO 18 V devices >     AL-KO 36 V devices >

Multicutter for fine cutting: GS cordless grass and shrub shears

The grass shears make it easy to cut lawn edges, while smaller shrubs, bushes and box trees can easily be shaped with the shrub shears. The handy and small multi-cutter is the sleek solution for shrubs, lawns, hedges and decorative cuts.

Thanks to the optional extension handle, even longer distances can be cut comfortably and without the need to bend over.

AL-KO hedge trimmers advantages | 2 in 1 grass and shrub shears
AL-KO Hedge shears | Product lines
AL-KO hedge trimmers | Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

Useful Tips

With hedge trimmers from AL-KO, working on your hedges is made much easier. Our hedge trimmers offer sleek and functional ergonomics that save you strength and nerves when working. The integrated spirit level helps you to cut your hedge straight and evenly. In addition, AL-KO ensures maximum safety at work with the safety cable on some models. The safety cable prevents the electric cable from being cut.

Additional good arguments for our top sellers among the hedge trimmers:
| Diamond ground blades
| Integrated spirit level
| Knife stop protection
| Gear housing made of aluminium

Note: Advantages depending on the individual model 

Comfort and safety when working with the hedge trimmer
We have developed various unique safety functions for you, depending on the model: We have prevented the unintentional cutting of the connection cable with our unique AL-KO safety cable. With an AL-KO machine, you are also safe from unintentionally starting the hedge trimmer thanks to our special safety mechanism. The handles on some of our hedge trimmers are variably adjustable and, in combination with the sophisticated ergonomics of the machine, make working easier than with a conventional hedge trimmer. The equipment depends on the model.

AL-KO hedge trimmers | Useful tips
Tips & Tricks

Hedges are all-rounders of the garden. They serve as ornaments, biotope and visual protection. It is difficult to imagine a cityscape without hedges, especially because there are hardly any limits to the variety. If you decide on a hedge, you can choose between evergreen or deciduous (coniferous or deciduous woods), fast or slow growing plants. Some of them are poisonous, thorny or prickly, while others impress with their splendid flowers and scents. But they all have one thing in common: regular hedge trimming is a must for a healthy, dense and beautiful hedge. Please note the following four tips.

| The right tool for hedge trimming

The AL-KO HT 4055 battery hedge trimmer is the right choice for emission-free, cordless and low-noise hedge trimming. The light, handy hedge trimmer from the AL-KO 36 V family ensures an optimum cutting pattern with its diamond-ground blade and, thanks to its sophisticated ergonomics and rubberised handle, makes for comfortable working. Hedges can be cut quietly, safely and without fumes. 
Mains operated electric hedge trimmer AL-KO HT 600 Flexible Cut. With its adjustable, ergonomic handle and the unique safety cable, which effectively prevents the cable from being cut, the shears ensure comfort and safety in every position. 

| The right clothing for hedge trimming

Some species of hedges, such as thuja, are poisonous and can cause allergic reactions on contact with skin. Thorns, sharp branches or flying cuttings are also a health risk. You should therefore wear appropriate clothing when cutting. It is recommended that you wear sturdy shoes, long-sleeved clothing, and protective goggles and gloves.

| The right shape for hedge trimming

Shapely, dense hedges are a feast for the eyes and require some skill and tactics. A taut string helps you to maintain height, direction and shape. Cut a little at first and refine as necessary. Hedges are always cut trapezoidally, i.e. wider at the bottom than at the top. This gives the lower branches enough light and the hedge stays nice and bushy everywhere.

| Extra tip:

Dense and high hedges not only protect owners from annoying glances, but also possible burglars. Statistics show that houses with lush hedges are more often affected by theft. Therefore, plant hedges at a sufficient distance from buildings to create the largest possible open space. It is also advisable to trim the hedges before travelling. This suggests your presence, and possible intruders are more easily exposed to the eyes of passers-by or neighbours.

The hedge trimmers from AL-KO - a class of their own  

Our hedge trimmers convince with the high-quality materials used. The diamond-ground blades (depending on model) ensure a perfect cut of your hedge. The safety cable and spirit level complete the package. Thanks to the different options ( battery or electric motor), there are almost no limits to the areas of application.

Grace yourself with the pleasure of gardening at the highest level with hedge trimmers from AL-KO. In our wide range you will find a large selection of different models - the right tool for all requirements!


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